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The enhancing and tempting Hong Kong is definitely on the travel bucket list of many. The iconic southern city of China has offerings both from the Eastern and the Western World. This is the city completely delved into magnificent shopping; dining, traditional surfing, cultural, nightlife, and entertainment scene certainly make you visit again and again.

If you have a taste bud for lip-smacking cuisine, then Hong Kong is for you. Travelers looking for an ultimate shopping bonanza both at malls and at sparking flea marks can also head to Hong Kong. Even for a versatile cultural exchange having deep roots sighted in Chinese era can also visit Hong Kong.

On the whole, have your travel guide to Hong Kong be ready so as to witness a unique travel experience.

Which is the Cheapest Flight to Hong Kong?

First and foremost is to find out the way to fly the city at less. With having so many flying options be ready for travelers, one of the recommended is making online booking of Philippine Airlines tickets right at Tripiflights. This is beneficial to get latest offers on flights along with added deals.

Must-See Attractions of Hong Kong

  • Victoria Peak: Enjoy the scenic skyline and tempting harbor view of the Hong Kong city from a high-rise point of the Victoria Peak. Selfie-lovers and hikers should not miss this place strategically located at the highest points in the city. Taking a bus ride from the Central or purchasing ticket of the Peak Tram can take you to the point where the actual hike starts.
  • Disneyland: Prepare to arouse the hidden kid inside you and take children with you to Disneyland where fun and entertainment never ends. Spread across a wide area, amusement park sure to make your full day filled with unforgettable memories.
  • Tian Tan Buddha: Head towards a spiritual land of Hong Kong i.e. Tian Tan Buddha which is the biggest bronze Buddha statue in the world. Come here for peace and tranquility taking an hour drives from the city and head up towards a hill-side location finding enthralling views around.
  • Harbor City: Simply arouse the feeling of shopping brands and like at the largest shopping mall in Asia which is at the Harbor City. Multiple brands inside along with quintessential harbor view and boat ride sure to catch your attention.
  • Stanley: Just get away from the city crowd for a while and head towards the majestic fishing village of Stanley. Come here to explore the natural infusions of lakes and mountains.

Best Time to Visit Hong Kong

Finding an appropriate time to visit Hong Kong can fall anywhere in between October and December. Moreover, summer is also quite a season to discover outside attractions.

Best Way to Explore Hong Kong

Getting around the city of Hong Kong has no hassle as a plethora of transportation options are as follows:

  • MTR (Tram Style Railway)
  • Trains
  • Ferries
  • Mini Buses
  • Subway
  • Star Ferry
  • Peak Tram

What are the top best beaches to visit in Australia?

We Aussies find our self-lucky to be here at the tropical paradise stretching over an area of more than 50,000 kilometers. The smell of coastal area and taste of salt what always prevail from us as Australia is proud to have the most beautiful coastlines in the entire world with numbers of beaches reaching a position of 12,000 in total.
With having such an elaborate choice within the continent, I personally found the following beaches as the top-rated ones with a view to enjoy turquoise water and pleasant scenery in every single direction.

  • Wineglass Beach, Tasmania: I am much obsessed with this particular serene and peaceful coastline with shape of a wine glass and clean crystal-clear water. When aspiring for some tranquility and reconnecting with the nature, this is the top-rated beach of Australia to go for.
  • White Heaven Beach Queensland: Four long stretch of White Heaven Beach is a true senses of heaven where mesmerizing beauty and moderate climate prevail. A really standout beach again for peace lovers looking for a godly measured place where there is a perfect balance of water, white sandy path and rocks here and there.
  • Bondi Beach: Although popular among all in Australia as regarded as the happening and lively tropical paradise for beachgoers like us. Centralized placed beach is in this list just because of the fact that I get to meet people of different genre here to improve my social connections.
  • Cable Beach: Offering a different appeal of finding majestic sunset and rows of camels walking across the shoreline appear more like a desert meet ocean kind of fusion. Being here is truly enigmatic to witness miles of peaceful terrain and amazing sound of roaring waves all the time.

My list is not going to end here as there is more to explore and more to see among vast coastal stretches of Australia and witness the real beauty around.

Attend the Entertaining Las Falls Festival of Valencia

‘The old meets new’, this what appears to be the true tagline of Spain’s own and the third-largest city called Valencia. Vibrancy and striking zones and shades prevail in every single direction of the city where you find colonial buildings, lively churches, crowded streets, and most importantly the quintessential port area where activities never come to an end.

Shopping, eating, nightlife, beach stroll, castle tour, and many other things are best to witness here. In the midst of it all is the equally revocable and extravagant event of the Las Fallas Festival happened in the summer month of March.

The Iconic Las Fallas Spring Festival

The onslaught of summertime in Valencia brings immeasurable moments of joy and fun as the month-long festivity of Las Fallas turn out to be the major reason.

Giant, colorful, intricate and real like paper made sculptures of various animal and human figures roll over the streets of Valencia for a whole month long.

Travelers can attend the magnetic festival involving in colorful parade, music, dance and non-stop feasting. Not only this, the end of the festival marks double fun when all the sculptures are given to bonfire and the whole city party all night long.

Things do not stop here as there is more to witness in Las Fallas festival once you down to the energetic streets of Valencia. Best recommended is to make way for Copa Airlines cheap flights and save money to attend the whole festival in a reasonable manner.

Major Treats of Las Fallas Festival of Valencia

Before you witness the massive bonfire of papers burning down the city of Valencia, a magnificent scene of the display includes around 20-feet long structures of human and animal figures. A great deal of decorative and artistic insight being used to create a paper-made sculpture using satirical images of celebrity and both common figures.

You can even visit before the start of the festival to witness the overall procedure of creation, designing, and sculpting using fine quality paper.

Another interesting fact of the festival is having sleepless nights at least for the 4-days of the event. Festive goers fire the crackers on the window or door of people houses in order to wake them up and allow them to be a part of entertaining festivity around.

One of the magnificent features of the festival is dressing in traditional attire in the middle of the event period. People gather at Plaza de la Virgin and offer a bouquet of flowers to the statue of the Virgin Mary in order to let the festivity to be continued.

A massive cooking contest is also the part of the event that witness cooking of more than 500 paellas (the traditional dish of Valencia.

Amazing it would for travelers to attend the lively Las Fallas Festival at any time of the March month and let memories to be created for a lifetime.

Outdoor Excursions in Vancouver

It is right to say the fact that there is only one city in the world that gives you an opportunity to hit a sandy beach, walk through the hiking trail of the mountain, do skiing, and enter the world of science in a museum all in the same day. Guess which city is this? Can’t make it. Well, we are here talking about Canada’s own and most popular Vancouver City.

This is the city endowed with mild and moderate climate all throughout the year and set against the scenic backdrop of mountain and appealing water everywhere.

If versatility and the desire to reach the mountain, beach, and metropolitan attractions at the same time, then Vancouver is the city to look for. Let that reservation of WestJet Airlines international flight tickets be made quickly experienced the limitless outdoor adventures that the city has to offer.

So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at few magnetically inspired places of Vancouver to look forward to.

  • Stanley Park: More like a lush green forest area in itself, the 1,000-acre Stanley Park is a rich outdoor attraction for visitors. Looking for some connection with nature, then definitely hit the spot surrounded with a Seawall and endless water everywhere.
  • Go for a hike, bike, on foot and let the marvelous viewing pleasure of spot catch your attention every single time. Simply walk or bike up to the beach shore and let the blowing winds of the sea and majestic environment around fill your day with awesomeness.
  • Grouse Mountain: Have an amazing view of the panoramic and naturally infused Grouse Mountain strategically located just short drive away from the downtown area. A land of summer and winter activities of its own sure to make your day in the company of loved ones.
  • More exhilarating would be sitting in the evening wee hours looking at the whole dazzled up the city in lights appear more like a festive season around.  
  • Kitsilano Beach: This is an altogether different beach within the city’s range. Hangout here in the company of near ones sitting peacefully on the shore and looking at the majestic view of the whole skyscraper area. The site endowed with complete tranquility and peace prevails in every single direction.
  • English Bay: Another striking and appealing oceanfront site is the English Bay having quintessential beauty of seawater around. This is a perfect spot to get involved in the activity of water bikes and let the whole area be yours during cycling to one part to the other.
  • Spanish Banks Beach: Simply because of the low-tidal conditions and shallow waters perfect for doing Skim boarding, Spanish Banks Beach considered as an ideal beach spot. Meant for natural and peace seekers find this beach quite brilliant in terms of outdoor activities both for kids and adults.

Heading the Spheres of Newark with Lufthansa

Feeling confused between New York and Newark? Do you find both the cities as same? Well, let me clear it out on this. Yes, New York is the city that everyone is aware of, but Newark is totally different although used to live under the shadow of NYC long time back.

Lufthansa airlines reservations

At present, Newark has its own set of characteristics due to having culturally and historically rich past, arts & entertainment, museums to visit, and because of a fascinating riverfront.

If planning to take a weekend getaway from New York, then best preferred is to make Lufthansa flight reservations and head towards a short-haul flight to Newark.

Popular Places to Explore in Newark

City attractions that consist of museums, theatres, Riverfront Park, neighboring small city, Food Street, and lush green parks never fail to satisfy your travel desire.

  • Riverfront Park
  • Newark Museum
  • New Jersey Performing Art Center
  • Iron bound
  • Prudential Center
  • Branch Brook Park
  • Cathedral Basilica of the Sacred Heart

Free Things to Do in Newark

Unlike the most visited attractions of Newark could be on your wish list but trying some free stuff and excursions sure to create memories of lifetime.

  • Free Yoga and Zomba Classes in parks
  • Walking around the NJ Walk of Fame
  • Strolling around the dazzling Riverfront Park
  • Visit Newark Public Library
  • Firmament Switching Station

Fly Luxurious Lufthansa to Mainland of China

Many wishes to explore the heritage and cultural richness of the Mainland of China at least once in a lifetime. Having the earliest level of civilization, rich historical past, friendly natives, and a vast range of culinary delight appears to be top-rated reasons for travelers embarking on China’s exploration every now and then. One can have that Lufthansa last minute deals to make a sudden plan out of the blue and experience the journey of a lifetime.

Lufthansa last minute deals

If that is what you want, then I recommend you to have your flight tickets booked to Nanjing, China! You must be wondering why not the names of metropolitan hubs like Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen are not in the list. Well, it is because we wish you to have a different approach towards China visit and Nanjing could be your best stop to explore the authentic past and delectable delicacies.

Let’s Know More about Nanjing

First of all, do not get confused with Nanjing as Nanking as both are different cities. Nanjing is the capital of the war-driven Jiang Province strategically located in the People’s Republic of China. The city is completely delved into saddened war history and around 2000 years rule of around six different dynasties.

Lufthansa last minute deals

A city much clean, less crowded and widely public transportation driven than Shanghai is your stop to witness the real charm and feel of Chinese authenticity at close quarters.

Check Out the Famous Tourists Spots of Nanjing

Being a first-time visitor here at Nanjing, necessary is to drop at the following outside excursions of the city.

  • Zhonghua Gate
  • Nanjing City Wall
  • Fuzimiao
  • Purple Mountain
  • Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum
  • Nanjing Museum
  • Nanjing 1912

Culinary Delights of Nanjing

Lufthansa last minute deals

Taking a local food tour of the city is something you cannot afford to miss here. Luxurious restaurants, street vendors, and local eating joints are full all throughout the day serving lip-smacking delights available in a pocket-friendly manner.

Some of Must to Try Food:

  • Tangbao:  A steamy dumplings have something magical inside its thin dough layer. It is the amazing mixture of pork meat with low-range of species to taste for. More like a traditional breakfast cuisine for natives is available cheap at every single quarter.
  • Hot Pot: Just have that pleasure of cooking your own meat in a hot pot carrying three different hot water set-up. Just deep in the meat and herbs inside the spicy or non-spicy boiling water for a while and eat the same.
  • Cold Duck: If not tried anywhere, then do taste the tender, juicy and delectable flavor of chopped duck’s cold meat.
  • Duck’s Blood: This appears like something difficult and different to imagine for, still a favorable culinary delight for Chinese people. A jelly-flexible like a piece is amazing to eat at any choice of restaurant. Try it in a blood soup having range ingredients like vermicelli, deep-fried tofu, and duck-blood piece inside.

Best senior travel Destinations – Tripiflights

There is so much to see and know about various places in the world that one life is just not enough! You will always be able to make money throughout your life but there is very less chance when you can actually make memories.

When you are aged you are all of a sudden more independent, responsible and wise. You have no restrictions of time and holidays! Every day is a holiday and you can explore as much as you want.

Here are the best destinations for the seniors to travel either solo or in a group:

·         Arizona

·         California

·         Missouri

·         South Carolina

·         Halifax

·         Montreal

·         Victoria

Why visit these places?

All these places have favorable temperatures that will be pleasant in the grey days. You can find hospitable residents who are open to help you whenever you need. The accommodations are cheaper, and the attractions are closer, so you don’t have to travel more. They serve food that is healthy and senior citizen friendly.

How to visit these places?

Just go and book the cheap flights for seniors from Tripiflights. You can also look for Interjet cheap flights that are dedicated to senor travel. Find the best deals that can make the trip settle in a much lesser price possible and let you find the best spiritual places. Don’t let your age limit your possibilities. Celebrate this phase of you with more travel offers curated just for you.

Different Ways to Ignite the Fire of Romance in Vancouver

Strolling down to the cobblestone streets of romantic Paris, walking step by step on soft sandy beaches of Caribbean, indulge in powerful adventure spots in Miami, playing the Roulette in Vegas, and much more are the best ways to bring up the spur of romance to an optimum level.

But, do you think, you need only such selected places to gather up the fun of romantic moments with your beloved partner. Well, I am afraid, you don’t. How about clinging to the largest city of British Columbia best known as Vancouver to explore new date ideas at diverse locations.

Specifically, Vancouver is an appealing sighted romantic city to meant to offer so much that you cannot think of. Have a moment of surprise at extraordinary water attraction of Seawall, sip a cup of coffee or a romantic dinner date at a restaurant, go for a bike ride, and to get indulged in the adventurous zone of many adrenaline activities.

Let the philippines airlines tickets online booking be done quickly and you embrace the exotic land of Vancouver to pay a visit to the following:

  •  Seawall: Sitting at an extravagant place like Seawall overlooking the endless ocean and cool breeze flowing everywhere sure to make you seize the romantic moment. Gather up the strength to do biking along the 8.8km long path looking at the best view of natural beauty. The site is must visit while in Vancouver specifically to double up the romance in the vicinity of peace and tranquility.
  • Granville Island: Give your romantic tour of Vancouver a walking tour of the food market at the most happening place of the city. Granville Island, in-house food street, and fascinating tug-boat let you actively enjoy the amazing side of the city. Activities like boating, kayaking, street shopping, eating, and drinking are best enjoyed here when visiting just two of you.
  • Harbor Sea Air Seaplanes: Get surprised with Arial view of the whole city with amazingly featured seaplane tours of Vancouver. Lasting 20-minute to full-day, the seaplane is a brilliant option to cover up the incredible view of the city from the top of the sky.
  • The Dirty Apron Cooking School: Having at sumptuous meal and wine at any of the romantic restaurant is something you would not miss in Vancouver. But, there is something more that you can do is attending the fascinating the Dirty Apron Cooking School class to impress your partner and prepare a lip-smacking dish all by yourself.

Planning a romantic excursion to Vancouver sure to make you cover above places, but there is more to find once you finally land there. Just be different and take a unique road towards the romantic paradise of Vancouver.

Ontario to Detroit-A Weekend Getaway during Labour Day

Sitting in Ontario doing the same old stuff and follow a regular routine at the weekend will land you nowhere. Come out of the sink of regular activities and see what the outside world has brought for you. This means to travel during off days especially on the upcoming long holiday weekend of Labor Day.

 Well, think no hard as we are recommending Detroit appears to be an ideal weekend destination to explore. Let the main and low-cost Westjet airlines reservations online be done to make through the iconic city.

 Incredible Places to Explore in Detroit during Weekend

  • Take a Glimpses of Iconic Vintage Cars: Love for old and vintage cars sure to get fulfilled at Henry Ford Museum featuring a range of iconic cars dazzled up in a complete shiny looking outlook.
  • Bask in the Natural Surroundings of an Island: More of parkland is Belle Isle Island spreading in an area of 3-mile covered with lush greenery all around. Come here to get plenty of walks, hiking pleasure, and photography.
  • Walk along the Ravishing Riverfront: See the sunshine shining brightly at Detroit Riverfront. Come here to witness a panoramic view of the ocean and some lonely time.
  • Open Air Movie Screening: This is something you will fall in love with. New Center Park is an ideal stopover for travelers and natives to watch a classic movie in an open lush green area and make the most out of entertainment pleasure.

Infant and Children Flyer Special Lufthansa Airlines

Carrying out a flying journey with a child is no doubt a treacherous affair for you as a parent. Of course, babies and small children are not sophisticated flyers like you and need a constant movement and involve in that loud cry one time or the other.

Lufthansa airlines cheap Flights

Still, somewhere down the line, much-needed travel needs to be carried out even if it is an international journey.

Why worry as cheap deals on Lufthansa International Airlines not just offer you a reasonable way of flying pleasure, but a plethora of specialist services for little flyers.

  • Facilities at the Airport

When flying Lufthansa with children, then start off with a special treatment on the airport itself due to the presence of the following facilities:

  • Play area for kids
  • Special family check-in counters
  • Complimentary check-in bags of kid’s flyers (Depending on weight and size)
  • In-Flight Amenities for Children

Let Lufthansa flying with cute little ones be an entertaining affair with the presence of in-flight facilities:

  • In-flight entertainment
  • Special menus for babies (include artistic dishes like Rice Pudding Mouse, Dragon Feet, Hen House, etc.)
  • Facilities for Babies on Lufthansa Flights
  • Changing tables in-flight washroom area
  • Adequate water supply
  • Spare nappies on board

With all means, from the moment of departing, flying, and landing, it would be completely luxurious for little flyers receive special treatment and necessary facilities on the part of parents.

So, prepare for the international flying travel taking on children with you without feeling any additional burden.

Westjet Domestic Flights Online Booking

Embarking on a trip to Canada surely make you feel land at the massive and sprawling capital city of Toronto. The city is a true metropolitan paradise offering cultural tours, beach strolling, entertainment district to a wine tour to shopping fun all-round the year.

All that vibe you expect to experience in summers of Toronto is less the same when the temperature dips down to zero sometimes less than that. Yes, we meant to explore the inside of Toronto during chilly weather season after making Westjet domestic flights online booking at Tripiflights.

Most of you might fret over the thought of staying inside the hotel of Toronto when freezing cold snow is covering the whole city into a white fairytale area.

No need to worry as winter is much exotic than summer month. Venture out to find a dash of snow-related activity and many fun things to do in Toronto. Just refer to below to see what you exactly do in chilly weather month.

Get the Snowy View of Niagara Falls

Heading towards the iconic and monumental Niagara Falls is a dream of many travelers. The frozen falls during winter months would provide you a spectacular view of giant path spread in a wide area and makes the perfect background for social media pictures.

Ice Skating at Harbor front

Ice skating at Harbor front is a must-have a place to visit on Saturday night experience the thrill and pleasure of ice-skating. International DJ and music surrounding all over the place enrich the pleasure of skating on a hard snow path.

Experiencing the Act of Tobogganing

Sledging down on a frozen path of land surely give you an adrenaline pump. Trinity Bellwood’s Park, Centennial Park, and Cedarville Park are perfect spots for tobogganing.

Swim at the Indoor Hot Pool

Stay fresh and tempted to go down under a hot indoor pool to beat the currents of the winter season in Toronto. A total of 60 indoor pool centers are there in the city that you can look forward to in the company of near and dear ones.

Indoor Retreats in Winter Season

The below-freezing temperature of Toronto can also be enjoyed while visiting a few attractive indoor spots. Let’s consider the following places:

  • Royal Ontario Museum
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
  • The Toronto Zoo
  • Casa Loma
  • Bata Shoe Museum

And much more.

Means of Transportation during Winter Months of Toronto

Strolling on snowy paths of Toronto at the times of winter could be difficult for you. But subway links makes a perfect resort to reach the city’s major attractions. You can have your metro route prepared well in advance to still stay indoor when wet and snowy conditions outside put a great deal of difficulty on everybody’s part.

New Places to Fly With Copa Airlines

If you are willing to plan for holidays then hang on a second, this time you will be able to fly up high with the newest addition to the prestigious Copa Airlines company. The airline will add its eight new Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 aircraft so that its passengers can enjoy the upgraded total fleet size of 98 state-of-the-art aircraft.

Copa airlines Cheap Flights

So, this year you must plan for the following top 2 new destinations for the next vacation:

·         Montreal, Canada: The city of Montreal is best known for its bustling entertainment, exotic nightlife and stunning display of beautiful artwork. The city is served by Montréal–Pierre Elliott, Trudeau International Airportand it is one of the busiest airports in Canada, so you better opt for Copa airlines cheap flights with increased route networks in the northern part of the continent.

Copa will offer its passengers four-times-weekly flights to the city of Montreal and its well-known tourism destination.

·         Fort Lauderdale, Florida: Located on the southeastern coast of Florida, Fort Lauderdale is a city mainly known for its beaches and canals. This is one of the best vacation spots with a network of inland canals and bays offers you an opportunity to explore the land using rental boats or water taxi. This time you can soak in the sunshine with cheaper and direct flight options.

With a network extended to the new cities served Copa Airlines will take over the North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean. Feel the routes getting narrowed and reach most of the international destinations making it your own.

Exploring the Ins and Outs of Naturally Infused Jeju Island

Who does not want that perfect vacation to magnificent highlands of a foreign region and explore the naturally infused beauty all around? I am sure everyone wishes to have that unforgettable travel pleasure especially to those areas where the connection between nature and you is inevitable.

Jeju Island

One such extravagant destination that can be added in your bucket list could be Jeju Island aka Jeju the natural paradise of Korea. South Korea being the current traveling hub for western travelers especially has everything you wish to be on an island.

Strategically located close to the capital of Seoul and even easily accessible with the help of Lufthansa last minute flight deals, Jeju Island is a breathtaking stopover because of the following few reasons.

Nature at Its Best in Jeju Island

Jeju Island offers a brilliant landscape of a natural paradise in the form of extravagant seashores, cliffs, waterfalls, and volcano mountain. You come here to create a bond between self and the ravishing beauty of natural wonders like the following:

Famous Waterfalls:

  • Cheonjeyeon Waterfall
  • Jeongbang Falls

Cliffside Wonders:

  • Mount Hallasan
  • Jusangjeolli Cliff
  • Olle Trails

Cave Adventure

  • Manjanggul Cave

Beachside Stroll:

  • Geumneung Beach
  • Hyeopjae Beach
  • Gwakji Gwamul Beach
  • Hwasun Golden Sand Beach
  • Jungman Beach
  • Pyoseon Haevichi Beach

Village Wonder

Experience the lifestyle of early Koreans that lived long ago during 19th century by dropping at Jeju Folk Villa Museum. Come here to witness the old and traditional life in different villages namely Mountain Village, Hill-country Village, Fishing Village, and Shamanism Village.

Explore the simplistic and naturally dependent lifestyle of early inhabitants here. A total of 100 traditional featured houses and 8000 fork artifacts are waiting for you here to experience a memory of a lifetime.  

Adventurous Zeal of Manila Just for You

Traveling the amazing Manila is due to numbers of reasons that you as a backpacker, solo or family traveler has. It could be like exploring the busy and chaotic streets of the city hovering around on a bamboo bicycle, making a sand castle at beaches, experiencing the vibrant pleasure of nightlife, watching history at close quarters in several museums, or any other way you like to see the best of the city.

Adventurous Zeal of Manila

No doubt in the fact that cheap Philippine Airlines flights available at Tripiflights what compels you to hit the major hub of the aviation partner looking at a diverse world around. But it could take a different route to Manila indulging in outdoor fun and amazement that we have listed out for you.

  • Walking and Activity Trail in Masungi Geo Reserve: If outside adventure what compels you to hit Manila with a successful ticket of Philippine Airlines flights, then do not give Masungi Geo Reserve a definite miss. These 1,500 acres spread regions of the green lush environment around is a door towards the ultimate adventure of hurdles, obstacles, climbing, and difficult walking spots. Come here to let greenery of all sorts bring a moment of relief and many activities to ignite the fire of adrenaline rush inside.
  • Inflatable Parks:  One of its own and very first kinds of outdoor parks floating over a surface of water sure to catch your attention at a first glance. It is your choice to jump, float, roll, swim, and do much more at Taal Lake Aqua Park and at Subic Water Park Hopping site. Half-day trip to these attractions definitely brings something of optimum and a new value to overall vacation pleasure.
  • Artificial Surfing Extravaganza: How about you take a windy and speedy ride of wind-surfing no matter if it is day or night? Expect something of the same kind while dropping at Flow House Manila where intelligent human minds created a fascinating concept of doing water surfing on an artificial yet speedy flow of running water to claim that fun and thrill altogether.
  • Sun Rafael River Cruise: Manila can rightfully go into adventurous pretext if you pay a visit to Sun Rafael River Cruise and range of activities offered. Get indulged in ATV rides, Jet Ski, Wake Boarding, swimming, and other thrilling activities.

So, why still thinking of making a trip to Manila a usual one as extraordinary activities and outdoor space is waiting for you.

Difference between Traditional and Low-Cost Airlines

Few times there comes to term in front of few as whether to book the traditional airline or a low-cost airline for business or leisure travel. The terms sound confusing for some as many find a traditional airline to be old and rotten aircraft with flying engines sound coming straight into ear. Well, it is not what you think it is.

Traditional airlines are major airline carriers operating worldwide and include a range of Boeing and AirBus in their flying stock. Whereas, the low-cost airline is simply cheap airline service offering an average set of facilities with no or minimalistic in-flight entertainment, private check-in, and meal service.

Traditional aka major airline service has a range of amenities, fully cushioned seats, and different cabins classes to offer to travelers. On the other side, Economy and in a few cases Business Class also fall under low-cost airline.

As per above, it is visible that traditional has upper hands-on low-cost airline except for one thing and that is the cost. Normally, low-cost carriers have a low-fare policy to offer throughout the year which is to enrich the flying pleasure of more and more travelers.

Additionally, you can fly domestic and even book cheap Interjet international flights (One of the best low-cost airline) to fulfill the desired journey towards a favorable place in a reasonable yet comfortable manner.

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