These 5 Places Bring a Maximum Saving during Black Friday

The ultimate shopping extravaganza of Black Friday is surely a once in a year. You know it, this is the time when shopkeepers offer a crazy boosting deals on various products, heavy discounts like never before, and definitely rock bottom deals that sure to impress anyone.

The whole year, shopaholics wait for this exciting time to pick up everything in the least possible price.

However, nearby stores and mall areas are not the only resort you have to make the most out of Black Friday shopping deals.

The whole world celebrates the amazing discounted shopping saga. Like last year, around 165 million Americans had an extravagant shopping experience. This year too, the expectations are sky-high.

So, what are you waiting for, grab Black Friday travel deals on flights to travel the following destinations for an outstanding level of discount offers!


Shoppers offering a discount on men, women, and kid’s apparel, accessories, and several items are the usual scenes in Alaska. What best to find here is the availability of all the items with no sales tax being charged by the government.

In Alaska, the government does not impose sales tax at the time of Black Friday, thereby giving a golden opportunity to shoppers shop till the last drop.

Mainly two major cities including Anchorage and Fairbanks, there are no sales taxes being imposed in sales items. Therefore, people can look forward to a heavy discount on such items.

New Hampshire

If shopping for consumer products items at a maximum level is what you have been looking for, then definitely head towards New Hampshire at the time of Black Friday.

In New Hampshire, sales tax is definitely imposed on meals at the restaurants and car rentals. However, consumer product items are free from any sales tax.

With this means, shoppers coming here from different parts of the globe can look forward to a really cheap pick here.


The city of Oregon receives maximum footfall from the Washington area every single year at the time of Black Friday. This year too, shopaholics are prepared to make their way to the city featuring no collective and sales tax levied on different consumable items.


Montana is ideally referred to as the Treasure State offering a huge set of items for sale. Black Friday 2019 appears to be an ideal time duration to look forward to amazing discounts and bumper offers to pick up anything you want.


Delaware is always jam-packed with tourists and shopaholics especially at the time of Black Friday. Again, sales tax and state tax are not imposed on several items allowing you to shop to a maximum level.

Undoubtedly, Black Friday can be your biggest shopping party this year, especially heading towards the sales tax-free zones.

Family-Friendly Adventure in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a fast-paced city with an amazing metropolitan charm. Life moves in sheer speed in the city. The high-octane characteristic of the city makes millions of travelers flocking here every single year.

Most preferably families head to Hong Kong with their kids to experience maximum fun and entertainment. Believe the fact that there is so much to do in the city with your naughty little ones around.

A city full of skyscrapers, mountains, hiking trails has another side specifically kids to spend their time in amusement parks, museums, aquarium and more.

So, without any further delay, let’s check out a few of the kids-related places to explore in Hong Kong

Disneyland Resort

How can your kids say no to loving cartoon characters of Micky, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and more? Hong Kong’s very own Disneyland is an area fully dedicated to fun, entertainment, and a complete playful mood around.

Choose to pick any theme park out of the seven choices available, participate in high-energy Micky parade and click selfies with your favored choice of characters. Even amazing and thrilling rides bring an additional choice of entertainment flavor to all the kids around.

Star Ferry

Check out the exhilarating view of the Hong Kong skyscrapers by taking on few minutes of a tour of the Star Ferry. The oldest water route of the city that dates back to 1880 will take you to a fun-loving ride of the day passing the water canals around. Sitting at the upper deck is worth spending a few extra cents as you will not be bothered by the choking smell of coal fumes.

Ocean World

If your kids have real set of fascination to see animals, fishes, and cute little pandas around, then Ocean World. The attraction features a grand aquarium having a multiple set of species inside including sea lions, penguins, manta rays, sea turtles, and more.

Most profound and never to miss attraction is a close encounter with Panda. Witness the part of their fun-loving activities under the realm of the green lush area all around.

Peak Visit

Families having children filled with adrenaline-pumping energy will not miss the hike to the Peak. This is an uppermost hill-side area that gives you an amazing pleasure of panoramic view of the city which is worth hiking for everyone. The hill-side area is sitting at an elevated height of 428-meter that sure to catch your attention at a first glance.

Hong Kong Museum of History

The museum tour is an additional set of pleasure for little travelers in Hong Kong. Here numerous exhibits featuring airplanes, cars, and live engines are the life of the museum. Children will be having maximum fun at this place while hovering around different exhibits of unique nature.

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Planning a Trip to Chicago within Budget

If thinking of heading towards Chicago the Windy City to be next visiting destination, then it sure to bring heavily on a budget.

Generally speaking, planning a trip to any big city having a wealth of attractions and a wide set of the geographical line is always expensive. The same what travelers feel about the diverse land of Chicago.

Despite all that, there are certain ways and tricks that help you save maximum on a budget without finding any dent in the pocket.

And, this is to read our cost-effective Chicago travel guide that sure to bring a complete saving on your budget.

Make a Small Investment in Chicago City PASS

Spending heck of cash on every single tourist attraction is not a smart play. Rather, you need to find ways to lower the admission fee by opting for some offer or a deal.

In the case of this city, Chicago City PASS is one such offering that allows you to minimize the price of admission ticket to a great extent.

The pass has a validity of 9-days allowing you to pay a lower price for the following range of tourist attractions:

  • Sky deck Chicago
  • Chicago Theater Tour
  • The Field Museum
  • Museum of Science and Industry
  • 360 Chicago
  • Adler Planetarium

The City PASS of Chicago is a profitable investment to make.

Must-Visit Free Attractions of Chicago

You hear the word free; one thing comes to mind is taking full advantage of the same. Not a single penny is required to obtain something valuable.

Well, in the case of Chicago travel, that particular free thing is paying no admission fee for exploring attractive destinations of the city. Namely Navy Pier, Millennium Park, Lincoln Park Zoo, Magnificent Mile, and more.

What you make from the above is unforgettable memories created at the most iconic sites of the city. Along with, save a double what you have expected to spend on every single attraction of Chicago.

Flying Low-Cost

Just admit the fact that a major chunk of the travel budget is being taken by the airfare only. Despite that, make the most out of Interjet cheap flights to pay less for the flying journey ahead.

This means you have the liberty to save at least 40% out of the whole travel budget. Make the best out of cheap and low-cost flights to travel with ease and economically.

Walk Free at No Cost

Walking is healthy for the overall body structure. Why not adopt this habit during Chicago travel as well? The city has numerous walk able areas where it is your best interest to see what appears on the day and see the detailed side of the city in an economical manner.

Best Screaming Zones of San Diego during Halloween

Traveling during the time of Halloween is definitely a wild rush. Get ready to witness the sights of the artificial ghost houses, parks, and lanes. This enables you to ignite the spirit of Halloween to a great extent.

How about heading towards San Diego with the aid of Westjet Airlines cheap flights! Surely, you are going to witness the scream-est. zones of the city that are hard to find at one single place.

No need to wait anymore, check the places to scream and shout-out loud in San Diego.

Halloween deals

The Scream Zone: Really going by its name Scream Zone will make the nerve of fear out of you. Visit the dark corners of the area haunted by costume ghosts, spirits, and the scariest creatures. Walk along the dreaded path of Ghostly Mansion and have a bone-chilling experience. A visit to equally deadly Dia de los Muertos Graveyard is an added attraction for visitors to further experience the region of fear in their hearts.

Halloween travel deals

Belmont Park: This is a beachside amusement park that completely turns into a place of ultimate horror at the time of Halloween. The park features an amazing trick-or-treating ceremony, pumpkin patches, and a costume run. Meet your fear here while encountering kids and adults getting up on a horrifying outlook.

Halloween travel deals

Ghosts and Gravestones: Get to know the historical facts of San Diego in a unique manner dropping at the site. There is an organized tour taking you to the areas of Gas lamp Quarter and Whaley House but with a fearing touch of scariest creatures around.

Halloween travel deals

Pumpkin Patches: As the name itself implies, find a range of pumpkin patches in different artistic nature. Come here with kids to let them have the best gala time ever and find a whole lot of fun entertainment activities around.

Liberty Station:  There is a Halloween celebration that takes place here between 12 Pm to 4 Pm allowing children and adults to have maximum fun. Come here to find an incredible range of games in the carnival, iconic car show, pumpkin patch, costume, and so many events taking place for doubling the amount of Halloween fun.

Things never fall short in San Diego especially at the time of Halloween. You can have your westjet Airlines cheap flights tickets booked at an instant to find incredible things to do and see for everyone out there. So, what are you waiting for, let the fun of trick-or-treating be doubled out here!

How Air Canada Flights Prepare Passengers During Medical Emergencies?

Falling sick on flights is common and not a thing to panic anymore because of the advancement of the flight’s responses. If there’s a medical emergency the crew are trained to act upon it on a flight. Some of the major airlines will make an emergency landing where the passenger can get treated while others are treated onboard by medical personnel, volunteers or the cabin crew!

Here is everything that you need to know before making Air Canada flight reservations while you are expecting medical supervision.

All the travelers who are experiencing any kind of illness, dizziness or medical issues. Some of the most common of them all are the breathing issues or gastrointestinal-related issues, such as nausea and vomiting.

The altitude increases the risk for in-flight medical emergencies due to the buildup pressure of the cabins when the flight reached at a height of 6,000 to 8,000 feet. It’s also quite dry inside the cabin pace and the passengers including kids start experiencing respiratory issues, cardiovascular issues, etc.

Types of Help Given Inboard of Air Canada Airlines:

1. On Air Canada Flights the medical equipment is always on board as said by the ‘Aviation Medical Assistance Act’. There is a set of equipment like that of the automated external defibrillators which are used if somebody is having a cardiac arrest and their heart stopped suddenly stops beating onboard.

2. If someone is suffering from an obstetrical emergency like that of unpredictable labor, there is an obstetrical kit and specially trained cabin crew to help with that situation. The flights are well-equipped with the in-flight medical kit and it helps patients to get stabilized until the flight makes an emergency landing.

How Safe Is It to Fly?

The intensely of 1998 Aviation Medical Assistance Act encourages all kinds of health care plans and provides to respond with liability protection if they’re acting in good faith without gross negligence. The skies most of the time are extremely safe. Every airline including Air Canada can pull up a health care provider through its ground-based consultation services.

Even though its completely safe during the flight but it is better to be cautious. If you do have underlying health issues, particularly if you have respiratory issues or cardiovascular issues, it’s probably a good idea to touch base with your primary care health care provider.

It’s better to mention the illness beforehand as soon as you board a flight so that the Air Canada crew can help you out and reach you according to your necessary medical requirements.

Air Canada takes intensive care of its passengers on board and therefore if you are suffering for any kind of medical illness or receiving treatments you can board and trust Air Canada flights to help you at the time of your discomfort.

Do your Air Canada flight reservations at the best price from Tripiflights and make your journey’s safer.

Havana Travel- The Vintage and Fascinating

The capital city of Cuba that is Havana is here to offer the quintessential charm of vintage life, old streets, antique cars, and so much more. Your next best travel to Havana is no less than the time travel in the past where you get to witness the old shades of history and warm hospitality from the natives in every single quarter.

We have heard a lot about Havana and its peculiar charm which is hard to ignore. But what exactly is this charm? Why so many travelers to Havana always have good things to say about the city.

Well, let’s check out the reasons for this.

  • Old Havana is one of the most influential things that offer a vibrant characteristic to the city. Cobblestone streets, old pathways, rugged buildings, and houses, and slow yet peaceful running life around what catches your main attention.
  • Vintage cars running around the streets and rental advantage are there to explore well in an old-school style.
  • Walking tour of Havana what brings an unbeatable charm to traveler’s mind.
  • One of the biggest manufacturers of high-quality cigars what call numbers of smokers to the city.
  • Plenty of Bars having a traditional setting inside offer a range of drinks.
  • Colorful colonial structures make another attractive appeal to all the travel goers.

In short, there is much to expect in Havana. Have your Copa Airlines reservations be made in a matter of short time and save the maximum amount of hard-earned cash.

Explore the Best Beaches of Miami

Soaking up in the coastal sun, walking across the soft sandy path, indulge in water activities what make a perfect vacation near the sea.  Beach folks spreading all across the globe do have Miami in their mind to take a dip into cold waters, attain a nice tan, pick seashells, and spend quality time with loved ones.

Well, if you think of Miami, South Beach is not the only option you have. Check out few more favorable and fascinating points.

  • Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park Beach: A perfect family-friendly retreat is best to experience on this beach. Host of activities including kids playground, biking and walking trails, canoeing, kayaking, and snorkeling are major highlights of the area. The beach is particular famous for its crowd mostly families out there.
  • Lummus Park Beach: Adults looking to have fun at the beach should definitely visit Lummus Park Beach. Quite a place with fewer crowd and open persona make it ideal treat for beachgoers.
  • Crandon Park: If some unique activities are on your mind, then Crandon Park is the place to be with. Fully secured by coastguards, the beach offers activities like outdoor skating rink, beachfront playground, and splash fountain.
  • Sunny Isles Beach: Quite a desolate land with less crowd and human touch, Sunny Isles Beach is a perfect place to mingle up with the nature.

Options are plenty in Miami to get your spirits go high for a beach adventure. Just make your flying partners goes limited to Copa flights in order to fly in a reasonable manner.

Things to Do with Kids in Fort Lauderdale

If you ever think about hitting a beach paradise where there are tons of activities there to perform, then the name of spring break destination called Fort Lauderdale sure to come under the list.

There is nothing new to know about FL which is filled with tropical beauty all around having a 7-mile stretch of sandy shoreline for vacationers.

The all-round year beach place for travelers also appeals fascinating to the eyes of kids as well. The city has rightfully grabbed the attention of parents and kids with the way activities and places like museums, gardens, waterways, and beaches are available to feel maximum fun and pleasure.

Check the best kids-friendly spots of Fort Lauderdale

  • Butterfly World: Showcase the love for fascinating and colorful butterflies at this tropical rain forest-like natural area. Kids will be enlightened to hold amazing flies in hands and look at more than 2000 caterpillars here.
  • Everglades Holiday Park: Check out the natural habitats of crocodiles, alligators, and grinning gators. The scenic region of Everglades Holiday Park sure to make you feel close to nature and surroundings.
  • Auto Nation IMAX: Check out the screening of amazing release inside the 300 plus seating capacity of the IMAX theater. Screening is best dominated by 15,000 watts of digital sound, around 42 speakers, and five-story high screen.
  • Museum of Discovery and Science: An amazing science center along with the live scene of coral reefs and species inside. Learning activities for kids as well as for adults do not stop here. Children will get a chance to learn more about entertaining science practical’s.
  • Water Taxi Ride: The lifeline of Fort Lauderdale covering a total area of 300-mile, water taxi ride is an amazing way for kids to have an outside view around and enjoy the ride at the same time.

Take your kids to Fort Lauderdale after having Westjet cheap flights to let the adventure begins in a reasonable manner.

Pisa, Italy Things to Do| Leisure Travel with Lufthansa

The legendary Leaning Tower of Pisa is the not sole reason for me to act upon Lufthansa last minute flight deals. There was something more enthralling, enriching, appealing about Pisa that I gave it a shot on my last leisure trip.

It is more of the artistic, architectural, and historical appeal of Pisa that inspired me to travel solo. Secondly, I was lucky to even had the Lufthansa last minute deals from Tripiflights to bring luxury to my flying excursion in a reasonable manner.

I had a chance to explore the fascinating sites of museums, churches, cathedrals, street ways, and even performed the adrenaline pumping activity of sky diving. Not a single moment was wasted in Pisa as the city holds amazing stories of the past rise and the fall in a brilliant manner.

So, without making any further ado, I would like to start my experience by describing the places I paid a visit to.

Piazza dei Miracoli

On the way to the symbolic Leaning Tower of Pisa, I came across the monumental structure of the Piazza dei Miracoli covering a huge area with having green lush pathways. The structure is amazing to look at especially the fine intricate work of art and high-rise pillars inside. Estimated to constructed in 1064, the plaza is standing rock solid with no such trace of breaking down.

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Although the tower is considered as the failure of the architectural science due to clear cut bend in the structure, still the bell tower and the way to climb up 294 steps for a panoramic view of the Pisa city is something worth to look for.  The 17-story architectural marvel was constructed way back in 1173 with a move to construct something symbolic of Pisa surely becomes a worldwide symbol.


Although a cemetery in reality, what fascinated me towards the attraction is the wide space structure it is that features 43 blind arches, galleries, and widespread alleys still to build at that time.

Keith Haring Mural

One of the best examples of artwork that I found in Pisa is none other than the Keith Haring Mural located outside the central station. It was the American artist Haring who fell in love with the city just like me and painted the wall with an extravagant graffiti having numerous shades of hidden meaning in it.

That was all, I had to share during my two-days stint to Pisa, Italy that I will never be able to forget. Art lovers and historic freaks will find plenty in the city to look for and know in great detail.

5 Best Montreal Markets to Include in Your Next Trip

Montreal is just incomplete without its amazing markets. There are amazingly rare things that give this place a separate vibe. From the hustle and bustle of the merchants, vendors and the local traders selling overwhelming surprises there are a lot of extraordinary things that make this place a stunning surprise for the travelers.

Montreal is filled with markets that are scattered across the islands and makes and marks it as a very quintessential part of this city!

The best part about this market is not just the fresh fruits and veggies that you get here abut also the handicraft and the authentic food that makes this city alive.

From tastiest recipes to the most colorful cafes these markets make a whole lot of difference in the way it presents the city of Montreal to its citizens.

Here is the list of the best markets that you need to keep in your travel:

1)      Jean-Talon Market

2)      Atwater Market

3)      Maisonneuve Market

4)      Lachine Market

5)      Solidarity Markets

This is your time to travel to the best of Montreal market and see the establishment of solidarity markets beside metro stations is a result of community and citizen mobilization that is dedicated to improving the quality of foods and neighborhoods.

See this  the beautiful city of Canada with Air Canada last minute flights from Tripiflights and find the best escapes at an affordable price.

Myrtle Beach Getaways- Romantic Myrtle Beach

Searching for a long weekend getaway to ignite the fire of lost of romance often make you feel the load of too many destinations available for you.

Picking up the ideal one completely depends on our preference as to whether you like to stroll hand in hand on a white sandy beach, exploring the historical significance of any city, measure the metropolitan streets, and enjoying the nightlife or anything that you wish for.

What we bring out here is one of the exotic destinations spreading across a wide area of 60-miles of coastal beauty on the Atlantic Ocean. Guess what, we mean to book cheap Air Canada flight reservations & head towards Myrtle Beach.

Myrtle Beach is certainly a couple’s paradise for those looking forward to having unlimited fun in outside surroundings. Not just this fun extends beyond the sandy beach as lip-smacking food scene containing seafood, Mexican delight, and barbeque sure to catch your attention.

Let’s Check Out Things to Do in Myrtle Beach on a Romantic Excursion


Myrtle Beach offers a lot to romantic couples fulfilling their adrenaline rush with the following choices of outdoor activities:

  • Parasailing
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Fishing Excursion
  • Sky wheel Ride
  • Jet Ski
  • Jet Ski Dolphin Tour
  • Pontoon Boat Ride
  • Hiking
  • Segway Ride
  • Beach Safari

And the list goes on.

From this romantic couples can certainly make out the fact that things are endless in Myrtle Beach and memories are easy to create remembered for a long-lasting time.

Thrilling Side of Myrtle Beach

Experience the other side of Myrtle Beach takes you to through a joyful thrill ride either at Ripley’s Believe or Not, Private Voyage or even Wonder Works Myrtle Beach.

Just get that overwhelming feeling of doing something out of the box on a romantic trip rather than the same old stuff of private dinner, beach stroll, and shopping.

Golf Activity

Special mention for couples’ travelers in Myrtle Beach is to test their golfing skills at Barefoot Resort & Golf, Dunes Golf & Beach Club, or at any other spot.

Hectares of green lush environment offers many golf holes and a perfect ambience to gain expertise in the game.

How Many Days to Spend in Myrtle Beach

It all depends on the preference you have along with traveling desire to stay in Myrtle Beach as long as you want. Minimum 4 days itinerary needs to be created for your long-awaited romantic excursion to bring fun, thrill, and entertainment at a single best destination.

So, get rid of the second thoughts regarding a perfect romantic trip. Myrtle Beach is once in a lifetime destination for travel goers having plenty of things and activities to offer.

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Best Restaurants Hamilton | Eating Delight

Heading towards the city of Hamilton on Ontario for a weekend getaway appears to be a special affair for travelers. A town best known to situated on the edge of Niagara Escarpment features the exotic and highest level of waterfalls, country’s 3rd largest museum carrying more than 10,000 artifacts, Canada’s largest botanical garden, and much more to explore at own accord.

Plan a weekend getaway to Hamilton with your very own Westjet domestic flights and explore it all what the city has to offer. Additionally, culinary delight is another reason to hit the city during a weekend’s break and taste the delicacies of the rich tasty level.

Check Out the Best Served Dishes of Hamilton

  • Gnocchi: Taste the healthy delight in Hamilton in the form of a Gnocchi which is an exotic mixture of not potato, ricotta cheese, and truffle topped on the same. Check out any famous bistro of the town to have the maximum level of eatable pleasure.
  • Monte Pollino Pizza: If you are a pizza lover, then get ready to double the appetite tasting a crispy pizza having roasted pineapple, pickled habaneros, duck fat, and other toppings to have the heavenly taste.
  • Cauliflower Tacos: Taste tacos in a different style having crisp cauliflower seasoning along with tomatillo-avocado salsa, cotija cheese, and strips of daikon radish.
  • Poke Bowl: Another healthy delight and this time of Hawaiian region is the famous poke bowl. Vegetable and tuna seasonings are the main elements of the meal.

Hamilton lets you experience diversity at the best price along with lip-smacking pleasure of culinary treat which is ideal to enjoy in the company of near and dear ones.

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Victoria British Columbia| Outdoor Activities of Victoria

The capital city of British Columbia has it emphasis more on the scenic natural surroundings, historical reference in the form of architectural genius, and traditional style life at the remote areas.

The other side of Victoria is meant to offer outside excursion charm to travelers coming here from different spheres. This means, being an adventure seeker and an explorer, you can find a lot to do in Victoria amidst the natural surroundings of the city.

Check Out the Range of Outdoor Activities of Victoria British Columbia

  • Cycling: Using cycle in Victoria is more of a tradition than to keep health and low-pollution run at the front. More than half of the city rides bicycles to different quarters. Especially mentioned Galloping Goose Trail is a magnificent site covering a range of 55 km with a natural stream flowing alongside and lush greenery in all direction. This abandoned railroad is an ideal site to see beauty all around on a magnificent ride of a bicycle.
  • Kayaking: Multiple spots including Inner Harbor, Victoria west, and Trial Islands are perfect to kayak down to the calm and serene water while witnessing untouched natural beauty everywhere.
  • Whale Watching: Book a whale watching tour here in Victoria and drop at the quintessential location of Salish Sea to sea life-size whales swimming and jumping around.

Things do not end here in Victoria as there is more to come and experience altogether. Just keep yourself ready for the booking of cheap Westjet Airline international flight tickets to make the whole course to Victoria in a reasonable manner.

Best Time to Travel Quebec City

The UNESCO World Heritage site Quebec City is one of the topmost historical rich places of the world. A city full of monumental and architecturally rich castles, brewery scene, cobblestone streets, charming neighborhood, culinary delight, townhouses, and much more is ready to attract your attention at a glance.

Visit to Quebec City will be more like a learning experience for travelers. Know all about the history and explore widespread area best try on foot to bring unforgettable memories to travel diaries.

Major attractions including Montmorency Falls Park, Old Quebec, Place-Royale, The Citadel, Terrasse Differing, Basilica of Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre, Montcalm, and many others are must drop sites of the city. On the other side, you can write your own tale of a historical tour of Quebec City by having the flexibility of creating an itinerary.

Now, what important to know as when is the best time to pay visit to Quebec City and plan your getaway. Well, June to September and December to February are two ideal times to explore the city as per own terms.

If staying outside at most times is what you have been looking for, then June to September is the best summertime. On the other side, chilly winter currents of December to February months are equally remarkable to explore more of the historical side of the city and stay outdoor for a snow-clad exploration.

Well no more to get the best hang of Quebec City in a reasonable manner once you book cheap Westjet domestic cheap flights at Tripiflights.

Houston Attractions | Best Places to Visit in Houston

Houston travel brings a lot to your memory lane that you will not forget it for long. A high on energy metropolitan area of Texas is the fourth largest city of the United States mainly for NASA’s Astronaut training center, diverse cultural outcome, beaches, nightlife, and more.

If by any chance you plan to book cheap Interjet Airlines tickets, then include Houston in your travel bucket list one time or the other.

Since travel geeks like you and me are always on a hunt for some vibrant and charming place that bring a unique appeal should definitely head towards Houston. This is because of the fact that the city emerges as the high point for want to be astronauts fulfilling their dream of becoming a space enthusiast and explorer.

On the other side, it is the city’s landscape, rich culinary experience, artistic side, museums, and beaches that call for travelers from various parts of the globe.

So, without any further delay, let’s take on the best places that Houston has to offer.

Space Center Houston

Witness before the eyes which is only available in Houston that is seeing an actual spaceship, astronauts, and a stone from the moon. Houston Space Center is a wide across area featuring a walking tour for travelers to see massive round of spaceships, exact replica of the America’s first space station, and more.

In fact, open-air tram inside in the center is brilliant to have a watch over actual astronauts receiving hardcore training for their future missions.

Children Museum of Houston

Even children can have their own set of fun inside the museum featuring so many educational and developing activities for kids. Quite a learning experience it would be for kids to see actual practical stuff and come out of the museum as a totally changed personality.

Galveston Beach

Take some time off from the city charm and hustle and bustle of Houston to hit the beach of Galveston. Miles spreading shoreline is clean, huge, and extremely fascinating for visitors to get a nice tan. An amusement cum waterpark situated adjacent to the beach bring a further level of fun and entertainment for travelers.


Tour of Houston is certainly incomplete without taking the walking trip of the colorful Montrose. Streets filled with multiple shades on shops, bungalows, shopping alleys, and more definitely provide a nice reception of background for crystal clear photography pleasure.

Discovery Green

Another kids’ friendly destination to explore in Houston is Discovery Green. A wide set of green parks with lakes and several activities around is a great place to kill spare time. Activities like walking, hiking, and boating are usual settings of the place.

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